At EZLand Vietnam, we believe that benefits generated from an enterprise are inseparable from the benefits of society and the environment. That is the reason why we focus on sustainable development from the intrinsic values, in which human development is mainly focused.

With a broader definition of “Development” and “Investment”, we integrate ESG practice (Environment, Society, and Governance) into all EZLand’s overall business strategies. This is the “compass” to guide us on developing our employees, creating sustainable projects as well as adding more values to our customers and investors. From our point of view in human resource development, we consider our staff as associates who accompany EZLand's long-term development, in other words – all family members of the "Orange Home". They join us in the practice and encouragement of ESG values with a source of youthful energy and passionate enthusiasm for more positive impacts.

In order to follow the company’s orientation and broaden the knowledge of human resources, EZLand has been organizing training sessions, seminars with topics specialized in ESG practice. Through the useful and practical information shared from international experts, EZLand members are more aware of their roles in sustainable development, thereby creating more communities striving forwards a better future for each individual, family, and country. This is a part of our activities designed for sustainable development goals, which is intrinsic to the vision of EZLand Vietnam.

Thank you to Ms. Mimi Vu – Corporate Citizenship Strategy Consultant, Ms. Hien Vuong - Design & Sustainability Manager, and VTV for their wholehearted support for this video.

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