EZLand visited and gave gifts to the children at Ta Nung Orphanage - Lam Dong

Christmas season is coming, EZLand members had made a warm trip to Ta Nung Orphanage in Lam Dong province.


Even though we have visited this place annually, we were all touch by the beautiful moment with the ethnic children there. We were proud to see the previous generation since new born babies, now has grown up, gone to kindergarten and primary school. What made us feel special in this trip is that there were new born babies abandoned after birth sent here in this year 2023 and they are lucky to receive good care and love from all the nuns and the people here.


In the trip, EZLand team donated charity gifts (toys, new clothes, books, school things and cash) to help children with living conditions and study. In the meantime, we still had planting activities in the back yard of the house. We planted more fruit trees such as Durian, Guava, Mangosteen, ect.,


Based on the Corporate Citizenship strategy, this is how we, as EZLand is improving our society and country by creating sustainable impacts and lasting values.