EZLand gives support gifts to households affected by the landslide on the banks of Thanh Da canal

In the morning of July 6, 2023, a representative of EZLand Vietnam Development Joint Stock Company visited, encouraged and gave support gifts to 15 households directly affected by the landslide on Thanh Da canal.


As the media have reported, due to heavy rain and high tide, a section of Thanh Da canal with a length of about 120m (about 50m from Kinh bridge) was seriously eroded, directly affecting some houses along the canal bank. Many houses collapsed, leaning towards the canal bank, cracks appeared about 10m from the top of the existing embankment.


The landslided area on the banks of Thanh Da canal.



The landslide directly affected 15 households in this area, turning the lives of family members upside down.


Currently, there are 7 households that have been arranged by the local government for temporary accommodation in apartment building 1050 (04 Phan Chu Trinh, Ward 12, Binh Thanh District)


Contacting affected households, representatives of EZLand Company visited and encouraged people to overcome this difficult period, and also supported 15 gifts (each worth 2 million VND in cash) for 15 affected households.

The Representative of EZLand Vietnam visit and encourage the 15 households directly affected by the landslidez4492430133020_f932d9c94c87de434b8463dccebc4f49Mrs. Huynh Thi Thu Thao - President of the Central Committee the Vietnam Fatherland Front at Ward 25, Binh Thanh District says thank you to the Company

z4492430129859_a439df766d3ad84055d51f34ec0d07d4Representative of the household says thank you to the Company

z4492430125868_a3893fa4ab8232e44281daccd1d85a56The representative of EZLand Vietnam gave support gifts with total amount at 30 millions VND  to 15 households affected by the landslide.


The impact of climate change as well as the impact of the environment on human life is also an issue that EZLand is extremely concerned about in the course of its business activities in Vietnam. In the near future, along with the implementation of environmentally friendly Green Real Estate projects, EZLand will also participate in many activities for the environment and nature protection.