“According to the survey done by LIN Community Development Center, EZLand has proved its effectiveness in the operational capacity, energy consumption and environmental management. This is the basis for the Company to continue developing its policies and operation in accordance with the Sustainable Development strategy.” 

Aiming to encourage the sustainable lifestyle, EZLand has pursued the modern green office model. We believe that a quality work place is necessary to help all staff feel comfortable to boost their productivity during eight hours working, which is approximately one-third of a day.

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In the report “Survey on Sustainable Lifestyle at Work at EZLand” conducted by LIN Community Development Center from 4 January to 8 January, 2021, the Company has proved its effectiveness in the operational capacity, energy consumption and environmental management. The detailed consumption of each type of energy is as follows:

  • Electricity usage

84.2% of employees turn on Screen saver mode and 90.8% turn off their computers/laptops when not working. Only 40.8% often turn on the lightings and 13.2% often use the microwave.

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  • Water usage

94.7% of employees get drinking water from 19-litres bottles at the Company. In terms of hygiene habits, 82.9% use water at moderate level to rinse and flush, while 76.3% keep the amount of water low when washing hands.

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  • Paper usage

The majority opt for two-sided printing, while 56.6% reuse single-sided printed paper for unimportant documents.

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  • Transportation and personal habits

Nearly all employees use motorbikes due to convenience. At the office, only 7.9% employees always charge electronic devices and 44.7% shut the power when leaving the room.

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  • Waste disposal

There are still limitations in classification. However, the amount of plastic waste is much reduced when employees choose to cook at home and use the Company's cups and plates.

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With the above indicators, the report also recommends several ways to help reduce CO2 emissions at EZLand such as:

  • Prioritise using natural sunlight, turn off appliances when not really in use.
  • Unplug electronic devices when charging is complete
  • Adjust daily habits by reconsidering food ordering, cutting down single-use plastic, etc.

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At the same time in 2020, EZLand had started to reduce emissions through environmentally friendly initiatives such as:

  • Replace plastic bottles with glass ones
  • Research and install electric vehicle charging station
  • Switch off lights during lunch break
  • Encourage employees not to use single-use plastic
  • Digitalise documents

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