GRESB stands for Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark - a system based in the Netherlands and is used to assess the sustainable capacity of real assets. GRESB provides funds and institutional investors with reliable data from thousands of real estate and infrastructure projects worldwide. Based on three ESG criteria (Environmental - Social - Governance), GRESB develops a specialised rating scale including scores, rankings and comparisons, divided into two main sections - Development and Management. Since then, participants can have the basis to evaluate their sustainable capacity and improve the information transparency. Also, investors can assess potentials, risks and impacts that an asset may have before deciding to invest.

In 2020, EZLand joined GRESB and scored 71/100. We also became the first Vietnam-based real estate developer named in this prestigious system. To meet the GRESB standards, we have developed our policies in terms of operation as well as product development towards minimising adverse impacts on the environment, enhacing the community cohesion and standardising the corporate governance.

Please watch the video below to find out more about our specific goals and actions in creating sustainable values ​​for customers and the society at large.