Aware of the difficulties teachers are facing due to the COVID-19 pandemic, EZ Land has made a donation to the H.A.T - Help A Teacher Fund, providing financial support for kindergarten teachers.

The COVID-19 outbreak has caused schools throughout the country to close since the beginning of February.  Recently, school closures have been extended as the epidemic situation intensifies, making numerous private schools and non-public educational institutions suffer and prone to layoffs and dissolution. As a result, thousands of teachers and staff are now unemployed and financially incapable of covering their living expenses. An estimated 472,000 teachers from non-public schools, nursery groups, and preschool classes are being adversely affected by the ongoing pandemic. Therefore, without swift support, this tense situation will have lasting negative effects on the national education system in particular and the progress in Vietnam’s education ‘socialization’ policy in general.


Statistics on Kindergartens

Ministry of Education and Training

Estimates based on 2017-2018 growth rates

Estimated number of kindergarten teachers
2016-2017 2017-2018 Growth 2018-2019 2019-2020

Estimates for 1 unit

Total estimates for the 2019-2020
Number of schools 14.881 15.256 3%


Public 12.594 12.662 1%        
Non-public 2.287 2.594 13% 2.942 3.337 20 66.743
Number of nursery groups and preschool classes 188.582 199.151 6%        
Public 147.496 150.636 2%        
Non-public 41.086 48.515 18% 57.287 67.646 6 405.874
TOTAL 203.463 214.407 5%        
Public 160.090 163.298 2%        
Non-public 43.373 51.109 18% 60.229 70.983   472.6

An estimated 472,000 teachers from non-public schools, nursery groups, and preschool classes are being adversely affected by COVID-19 (Source: www.hatvn.org)

At this time of uncertainty, EZ Land has made a donation to the H.A.T (Help A Teacher) Fund to help the fundraiser attain H.A.T’s goal of financially supporting at least 100 - 150 non-public kindergarten teachers to the tune of VND8.4 million per teacher, roughly 2 months of the regional monthly minimum wage in 2019, encouraging them to overcome the challenges posed by the coronavirus outbreak. 

The H.A.T - Help A Teacher Fund was established under the auspices of the LIN Center for Community Development (LIN) and Vietbay Inc, a non-profit organization. So far, LIN has partnered with EZ Land for many CSR activities. On the slogan ‘Getting teachers through COVID-19 so that they can stay with their jobs’, the fundraising project has been launched on both its fanpage and website. 

This kindergarten teacher has recently taken up a delivery job during the school closure caused by COVID-19 (Photo by: Thanh Nien)

The grantees are teachers and nursery workers most vulnerable to the impacts of the pandemic from private kindergartens across the country with the lowest income (VND3-5 million/month), no savings, no insurance. Specifically, to qualify for grants, the grantees must provide proof of employment as a teacher for 12 months or above, must not be eligible for unemployment benefits, and must have less than VND5 million of income within the last 30 days.

To make a donation to H.A.T, please visit: www.hatvn.org or contact hat.helpateacher@gmail.com.

The project is expected to end on April 30th, 2019.