09/ 04/ 2019


#1. For a better VietNam

EZ Land has organized many activities for the community to build a better future Vietnam in the first quarter 2019.

Featuring the slogan “One Team – One Dream”, EZ Land team visited and donated a lot of gifts to people in An Binh Tay commune, Ba Tri district (Ben Tre) and the orphans at the Hung Phuoc Temple (Ben Tre). In addition, EZ Land team also organized many charity trips to Ta Nung Orphanage in Ta Nung commune (Da Lat city) to support and help them to study and become useful citizens for country.

The chain of charity activities for the community is not only the heart of the development team but also the testament of slogan “developing excellence” of EZ Land in Vietnam.

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#2. Smiles on the HausNeo Site

On the occasion of the Lunar New Year 2019, Mr. Olivier Do Ngoc Dung – CEO of EZ Land came to HausNeo project site and gave “lì xì” (lucky money) for hundreds of engineers and workers. This is also a thank you for the hard work of COFICO workers and engineers during the past time.

Mr. Olivier Do Ngoc Dung also spent time surveying the project site and visiting, encouraging workers to continue to promote the spirit of labor to achieve new milestones in 2019.

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#3. Ensure the HausNeo Project schedule

In March 2019, the HausNeo Project items include: MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing), installation of elevators, doors and gypsum ceiling construction has continuously achieved criterias about quality, progress and safety. The installation of pipelines for swimming pool area, balance tank, waterproofing…is also gradually completed.

For the remaining items, the engineers and workers is still making every effort to bring HausNeo Project into operation soon to meet the expectation of future residents.

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#4. Real Estate sector is still the bright spot in 2019

The report of Ministry of Planning and Investment of Vietnam, foreign direct investment (FDI) into real estate is about 6.6 billion USD in 2018 and is expected to continue to increase strongly in 2019. So the real estate is really one of the very attractive sectors for foreign investors, especially in the HCMC market. In addition,  the development of many roads linking suburban areas together, the regions with the city center will positively impact the development of the real estate market. In the coming years, the Metro line is completed, the infrastructure is synchronous and complete, the price of real estate in the Ho Chi Minh city will continue to have impressive growth.


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